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Combat Art Gallery

Works by Lt. Col. Neary

Chapman's Legacy painting
"Chapman's Legacy"

Perrin C-17
"A Legacy of Airmen Innovation in Space Operations"

Your Wings are Waiting painting
"Your Wings are Waiting"

Ghost Over the Highway painting
"Ghost Over the Highway"

That Others May Live painting
"That Others May Live"

Deterrence on Demand painting
"Deterrence on Demand"

Bandage 33 painting
"Bandage 33"

Showtime May Answer painting
"Showtime May Answer"

Pursuit Ace poster
"Pursuit Pilot Ace"

Works by 2nd Lt. Justen

Backbone of America's Global Reach painting
"The Backbone of America's Global Reach"

Col. Cosand painting
"The First - Trailblazing a Tradition for Generations of Aviators"

In Their Care painting
"In Their Care"

Battle of Kuwait Airport graphic
"Battle of Kuwait Airport"

Reservist scores first enemy aircraft takedown in A-10 graphic
"Reservist scores first enemy aircraft takedown in A-10"

Coloring Book
"Air Force Reserve Coloring Book 2nd Edition"

Works by SMSgt. Perrin

Perrin C-17
"We Move Your World"

"A Pioneering Aviator's Legacy of Service"

Earth Blood and Fire painting
"Earth, Blood and Fire"

The Grand Rescue painting
"The Grand Rescue"

The Last Ace painting
"The Last Ace"

Deepwater Horizon painting
"Deepwater Horizon"