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Allies Welcome painting

lithograph      in the press

Artist: 2nd Lt. Kat Justen
Medium: 16"x20" oil on panel
Date: 2023

On Aug. 30, 2021, Operation ALLIES REFUGE transitioned to Operation ALLIES WELCOME (OAW). The Total Force’s commitment to OAW made possible the warm welcome and humane treatment of at least 50,000 Afghan refugees needing resettlement assistance. Air Force Reservists supported these efforts across the United States. The Air Force focused on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, and Holloman AFB, New Mexico, with 524 Reserve Airmen contributing to the resettlement efforts at these locations. Airmen, working along with many U.S. Government and non-governmental partners, provided basic medical care, vaccinations, clothes, religious accommodation, culturally appropriate food, and temporary lodging. 1st Lt. Saleah Jabeen, the first U.S. military female Muslim chaplain, provided religious care for the members of Task Force (TF) Holloman. She also served as a cultural advisor to the TF commander concerning the needs of the Afghan evacuees. The range of services covered by the TF does not alone convey the depth of feeling for and personal commitment to the mission. Col. Meredith Seeley demonstrated the wholehearted obligation of many assigned to TF Holloman. As vice commander for the TF, she went above and beyond in welcoming those in need, even spending time with parents and children to ensure adjustment to the temporary facilities. As one Reservist later recounted, “This was the greatest mission of my career and a memory our Airmen will cherish for the rest of theirs.” The Citizen Airmen participants drew on tremendous reserves of experience and strong sense of community to ensure the success of TF Holloman.


  • Col. Meredith Seeley, Task Force Holloman Deputy Commander – U.S. Air Force Reserve (left)
  • 1st Lieutenant Saleha Jabeen, 517th Training Group – U.S. Air Force