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Combat Art Articles

Showtime May Answer

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Showtime May Answer painting

lithograph      in the press link

Artist: Lt. Col. Warren Neary
Medium: 40"x30" oil on panel
Date: 2014
In the Press: Artist unveils new moments in history

When you call for airpower, Showtime may answer. In March 2013, an Iranian F-4 was chasing an MQ-1 Remotely Operated Aircraft over the Arabian Gulf. Air controllers called for help and Reservist Lt Col Kevin “Showtime” Sutterfield, an F-22 Raptor pilot with the 477th Fighter Group at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, answered. He closed in on the Iranian and flew underneath him to inspect the F-4’s weapons. The Iranian pilot was unaware he had a pair of F-22s on his six until Showtime popped up directly off his wing and told him he should go home. The F-4 beat a hasty retreat back to Iranian airspace. Showtime is air superiority. It is foundational to everything we do in the United States military. Without it, everything else has to change. We can’t afford to forget that.