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Fact Sheets

  • 953rd Reserve Support Squadron

    Recruit, develop and deploy highly trained Joint Task Force planners and Joint Staff trainers across the Total Force spectrum.

  • Glossary of Air Force Reserve Terms

    Active duty (for) training - Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members serving on ADT military orders in an active-duty status.Air Force Reserve Command - Headquarters located at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., AFRC became the ninth major command of the Air Force on Feb. 17, 1997.Air National

  • Glossary of Military & Reserve Terminology

    Active Duty for Special Work Support (ADSW) - ADSW tours provide direct staff support to Reserve Component programs.Active Duty Training (ADT) - ADT tours supplement AT and IDT when the member needs additional training to achieve or maintain a required skill or skill level in their assigned

  • Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System

    In the 1970s, Congress established the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) Program to aid the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. When all other civilian air tankers are activated but further assistance is needed, the Forest Service can request the aid of the U.S. Air

  • Reserve Associate Program Information

    The Reserve associate program is an important component of the Department of Defense Total Force structure. Reserve associate units utilize the tremendous experience and manpower of Reservists to augment active duty units. While active forces continue to draw down and streamline, the mission