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Glossary of Air Force Reserve Terms

Active duty (for) training - Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members serving on ADT military orders in an active-duty status.

Air Force Reserve Command - Headquarters located at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., AFRC became the ninth major command of the Air Force on Feb. 17, 1997.

Air National Guard  - The ANG is the air component of the National Guard.

Air Reserve Component - The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve together form the ARC..

Air Reserve Personnel Center - Located at Buckley Air Force Base, Colo.,  ARPC handles all Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel records.

Air Reserve Technician - An Air Force Reserve Command officer or enlisted person who serves in the same position as a full-time federal civil service employee and as an Air Force reservist. ARTs usually are in civil service status during the week and reserve status during drill weekends. For example, an Air Force Reserve Command wing commander might occupy, as his or her "civilian" job, the position of "Air Commander, GM-310-15."

Annual Tour - Air Force reservists in the Selected Reserve who routinely receive pay for training must perform 15 days of active duty in AT status each fiscal year.

Associate Unit Programs - 

- classic associate: A Regular Air Force unit retains principal responsibility for a weapon system or systems and shares the equipment with one or more reserve component units. Under the classic associate structure, active-duty and reserve units retain separate organizational structures and chains of command.
- active associate: A reserve component unit has principal responsibility for a weapon system or systems and shares the equipment with one or more Regular Air Force units. Active-duty and reserve units retain separate organizational structures and chains of command.
- air reserve component associate: Two or more air reserve component units integrate with one retaining principal responsibility for the weapons system or systems. Each unit retains separate organizational structures and chains of command.

Inactive Duty Training - Training performed by members of the Selected Reserve in order to maintain worldwide mobility and war fighting readiness requirements for contribution to the total force. Members perform IDTs in reserve status and are not on active-duty orders.

Individual Mobilization Augmentee - An individual reservist who usually is assigned to a Regular Air Force unit and provides augmentation when active-duty members are absent. The IMA normally trains with the active-duty organization he or she augments.

Joint Expeditionary Tasking - A JET characterizes the Air Force's posture is supporting on-going joint mission requirements.

Man-Day - Military funding paid to reservists to perform duty over and above their minimum number of days for inactive duty training and annual tour. If a member is going to perform more than the minimum days of duty, he or she will require one "Man-Day" for each day of duty over and above the minimum number of days. Each Man-Day pays the member one day's base pay, housing allowance, subsistence allowance and other appropriate military pay entitlements.

Mobilization Assistant - An MA is Air Force Reserve colonel or above assigned to back-fill a general officer active-duty billet.

Military Personnel Appropriation - MPA funds are budgeted by the Regular Air Force to fund reservists brought on active duty to fill real-world requirements.

Selected Reserve -- Consist of those units and individuals within the Ready Reserve designated by their respective Services and approved by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as so essential to initial wartime missions that they have priority over all other reserve categories. The Selected Reserve consists of additional sub-subcategories:
   - Drilling reservists in units are trained unit members who participate in unit training activities on a part-time basis.
   - Training pipeline (non-deployable account) personnel are enlisted members of the Selected Reserve who have not yet completed initial active duty for training and officers who are in training for professional categories or in undergraduate flying training.
   - Individual Mobilization Augmentees are trained individuals assigned to an active component, Selective Service System, or Federal Emergency Management Agency organization's billet, which must be filled on or shortly after mobilization. IMAs participate in training activities on a part-time basis with an active component unit in preparation for recall in a mobilization.
   - Active Guard Reserve is a category of National Guard or Reserve members in the Selected Reserve who are ordered to active duty or full-time National Guard duty for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training the reserve component units.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve - With its national headquarters in Arlington, Va., the ESGR is a Department of Defense organization whose mission is to promote public and private understanding of the National Guard and Reserve and seeks employer and community support to encourage participation in Guard and Reserve programs.

Reserve Officers Association - An organization supporting United States military policy by assisting in its development and execution. ROA membership may include all current, retired, and former Reserve, Guard, regular officers and warrant officers of the uniformed services.

Reserve Personnel Appropriation - RPA money is budgeted by the Reserves and National Guard to pay reservists for performing reserve or active-duty related training.

Total Force Integration - The purpose of TFI is to generate efficiency and cost savings by sharing resources, reducing duplication of efforts and, in some cases, reducing the number of people needed to accomplish a task. TFI provides contingency surge capability.

Traditional Reservist - A TR trains part time for pay and retirement points or just retirement points on a recurring basis.

Unit Training Assembly - An authorized and scheduled period of unit training normally occurring the first weekend of each month at Air Force Reserve Command units and often referred to as a UTA..


AFRES - The abbreviation for the Air Force Reserve before the creation of the Air Force Reserve Command on Feb. 17, 1997. On that date, AFRC replaced AFRES.


- Do not use in place of the Air Force Reserve. This term is acceptable when referring to the Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve and Coast Guard Reserve as a group.  When referring to all of the reserve components, it is the National Guard and Reserve.

Weekend Warrior - An obsolete term used to describe the minimal requirement for once a month training for Guard and Reserve members.

In lieu of

- An obsolete term describing capabilities delivered by the Air Force to joint operations.