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  • A Drop in the Ocean

    Aircrew Airmen from the 700th Airlift Squadron here provided air drop supplies during a three-day mission over the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea in support of Joint Interagency Task Force operations.As the constant roar of C-130 Hercules engines filled the cargo area, the large, flat expanse of

  • Santa tests C-130 as replacement for reindeer

    For many families, Santa’s arrival to the mall, parade, local Christmas event, or wherever he may be remains a mystery. In fact, most of Santa’s life remains a mystery. For instance, how does he know when we’re sleeping or awake? How does he know if we’ve been bad or good? How does he know that we

  • Airmen, Marines team up for air jumps

    Joint forces came together Oct. 15 and 16 as Airmen and Marines took the Georgia skies for low-level static line parachute training.This was a unique opportunity for the members of the 94th Airlift Wing and 4th Recon Battalion that provided an invaluable training scenario. “Joint training is always