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  • As civilian, reservist 'leads' in fight against forest fires

    In a year that has seen nearly 9 million acres lost to forest fires, the most since 2006, one Air Force Reservist is playing a lead role in beating back the flames. Col. Paul “Buster” Delmonte is an aerial firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service as a civilian. He is a lead plane pilot, escorting

  • Reservists prep first responders for Pope's visit

    A group of Individual Mobilization Augmentees spent two days training Philadelphia-area first responders on how to respond in the event of a nuclear or radiological terrorist attack.Four Air Force Reservists taught the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Introduction to Radiological and Nuclear

  • Reservist prequalifies for 2016 Olympic Trials

    Standing at the 10-meter firing line, Capt. Caitlin Harris slowly raises her precision air pistol. She takes careful aim as she steadies her breathing; a slow, steady in and out. She knows that the moment to pull the trigger will surprise her. A sharp crack pierces the calm. The Air Force Reserve