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  • Deep dive into RITP23 water survival training

    Along the shores of ‘Alula Beach in Kailua, Hawaii, during exercise Rally in the Pacific 2023, Airmen from across various units within the U.S. Air Force Reserve completed a Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape water survival training course, Sept. 14.RITP23 takes place in the Indo-Pacific

  • Reservists conduct urban and water survival training

    Reserve Citizen Airmen with the 302nd Airlift Wing's 731st Operations Group and 34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron spent three days practicing Survival Evasion and Resistance Escape skills in Key West, Florida, May 21-23.

  • Reserve rescue aircrews brush up on survival training

    Survival, evasion, resistance and escape instructors with the 308th Rescue Squadron along with aircrew flight equipment specialists with the 920th Operations Support Squadron conducted a two-day SERE training session for 18 aircrew members Nov. 5-6.

  • Rescue warrior battles it out on prime time reality show

    Most people would jump at the chance to be stranded on a tropical island with a beautiful model. But what if it meant living in the jungle; making your own shelter; scavenging for your own food; encountering dangerous creatures, raging rivers, and extreme weather and competing against nine other

  • Sink 'r Swim: SERE instructors dive head first into training

    Their job is teach service members how to survive during worst-case scenarios so they can return home to their loved ones.Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion specialists equip aircrew members on how to do exactly that: survive, escape, resist and evade. And, learning those skills could make all

  • Charleston unit conducts mass deployment exercise

    More than 90 Airmen from the 300th Airlift Squadron at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, accomplished more than 500 training events during a mass deployment here, June 24 to 26.The exercise included basic water survival and combat training, both conducted by U.S. Air Force Survival, Evasion,