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  • 2nd AF leaders immersed in AF Reserve wing

    Standing in front of a two-star general and explaining what your unit does and why could make anyone’s stomach twist. But members of the 403rd Wing not only did it without breaking a sweat, they did it with energy and passion.
  • Biloxi High JROTC students fly with Hurricane Hunters

    Members of the Biloxi High School JROTC team look out the window of a WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft. They won the Mississippi All Services JRTOC Drill Competition Nov. 18 at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. and were rewarded by having a chance to fly with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Hurricane Hunters. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt.
  • Green Dot sparks culture change

    Sexual assault strips away a person’s humanity. It violates their most essential and basic human right – the right to control their own body, to feel safe in their own skin. And far too often the victim blames themselves for something that shouldn’t ever be considered their fault by anyone. Ever. By anyone. Green Dot is a national program adopted by the Air Force, which not only aims to shift that perception, but to give people real tools they can use when they find themselves in a bystander situation.
  • Flying medics come to Keesler

    The 36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron unfurled its flag in a ceremony here today and officially became part of the Air Force Reserve’s 403rd Wing. Lt. Col. Brian A. May, 403rd Operations Group commander, presided over the ceremony that made the unit, which relocated here from Pope Field, N.C., part of his organization.
  • 36th AES conducts first Keesler mission

    Imagine being strapped into the back of a C-130J Super Hercules on a litter, fighting to breathe while being whisked toward a hospital that can provide critical care. Not only are there pilots, navigators and loadmasters ensuring the aircraft makes it to the hospital safely, there are flight nurses and aeromedical evacuation technicians standing by to administer medical procedures, check equipment and respond to any emergencies that could arise during the flight. Today the 36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron conducted their first training mission out of Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., practicing this very scenario.
  • Kansas City Chiefs’ cheerleaders visit Keesler

    Gold and red pom poms shimmered in the Southern sun when National Football League cheerleaders from the Kansas City Chiefs visited Keesler Air Force Base today. Cheerleaders Katrina, Tara, Sarah and Claire (team policy dictates that they don’t share their last names) were here as part of an event hosted by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service that included a tour of the base, a Chiefs’ Cheerleader clinic for children at the Youth Center and a fashion show at the main Exchange.
  • Long-time weather recon crewmembers retire

    A WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft landed on the Keesler Air Force Base runway and taxied to its parking spot in front of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron where a crowd watched the engines shut down and the propellers come to a slow halt. Lt. Col. Troy “Bear” Anderson and Lt. Col. Valerie Hendry exited the aircraft and were promptly blasted with a fire hose, a tradition for aircrew members who’ve completed the last, or “fini,” flight of their career.
  • Keesler hosts director, actors of Deepwater Horizon

    Even though the cockpit of the WC-130J Super Hercules was sweltering in the Mississippi sun, actors Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson sat in the pilots’ seats, asking questions and reminiscing. “I haven’t sat in the cockpit of a plane with my dad since I was a little girl,” Hudson said.
  • 815th Airlift Squadron flies four-ship training mission

    The 815th Airlift Squadron “Flying Jennies”, an Air Force Reserve unit assigned to the 403rd Wing here, flew a four-aircraft training exercise today, their first multi-element training mission since the squadron found out in 2015 that it was no longer scheduled for inactivation. The 815th AS is a tactical airlift unit that uses 10 C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to transport supplies, equipment and personnel in a theater of operation. The four aircraft flown for this mission were training on performing airdrops to a forward operating base and employing countermeasures to avoid enemy fire.
  • 403rd Wing activates new maintenance unit

    A new chapter began today with the activation of the 403rd Wing’s newest maintenance unit during a ceremony at the Consolidated Roberts Aircraft Maintenance Facility. Maj. Brian Horton assumed command of the 803rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, which is responsible for the inspection, repair, launch and recovery of the wing’s 10 C-130Js flown by the 815th Airlift Squadron, a tactical airlift unit that transports supplies, equipment and personnel in a theater of operation