• McChord Total Force wings support science missions

    In conjunction with the 446th Airlift Wing, the 62nd Operations Group kicked off the 2017-2018 season of Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), a mission offering unparalleled Department of Defense support to the National Science Foundation (NSF)-managed U.S. Antarctic Program, with operations that began in late September.
  • Volunteers say ‘YES’ to helping youth of deployed Service members

    The Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program helps service members and their loved ones build a roadmap to success by preparing them for pre- and post-deployment challenges, but what is often overlooked are behind-the-scene service providers who help navigate that plan. One provider, Project Youth Extension Service, is a Department of
  • Three-person team helps bring aircraft back to life

    Housing thousands of retired military aircraft, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is best known for having the largest aircraft boneyard in the world, but a small team of Reserve Citizen Airmen there are responsible for reviving some of the base’s “dead” aircraft.Lt. Col. Martin Meyer, Master Sgt. Jesus Castillo and Master Sgt. Supapon Martinez make up
  • Heroic cop joins Rainier Wing

    Before he signed up to become a member of the 446th Security Forces Squadron in April, Staff Sgt. Daniel Aguirre, 446th SFS fire team leader, was serving as an officer in the Seattle Police Department where he still serves today. During the course of his duty as a police officer earlier this year in January, Aguirre and his partner became involved in the pursuit of an armed robber that would ultimately result in their award of the highest distinction the SPD has to offer: the Medal of Honor.
  • Embracing Total Force culture

    Air Force wide, a large emphasis is being placed on institutionalizing the total force concept in order to embrace all active duty, guardsmen, reservists, and civilian employees as members of a unified team and not as competitors.“What holds us together is our partnerships throughout the Department of Defense, the government, this nation, and the
  • Yellow Ribbon participants learn ABCs of resiliency

    Lt. Col. Brande Newsome told the 20 people attending her resiliency training class Nov. 18 to imagine they were driving along a highway when suddenly an adjacent driver cuts them off, nearly causing a collision. "What's your immediate reaction? Are you furious? Are you slamming the brake and honking the horn?" she asked.  This, she said, is an
  • Air Force resolves Yellow Ribbon travel funding issue

    Air Force leaders have resolved a situation that temporarily limited how many guests the service could fund to accompany Reserve Citizen Airmen to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program training weekends. “I'm delighted we are going back to the way we've always done it," said Mary Hill, Yellow Ribbon program manager at Air Force Reserve Command
  • Guard, Reserve defenders bring experience to the fight

    The training and experience our Air National Guard and Reserve law enforcement Airmen gain in their civilian and military careers help keep people safe from enemies foreign and domestic. Many of these security forces members, or defenders, bring the knowledge of both careers to make them more effective both home and abroad.
  • Training and Development Flight: preparing future Reserve Citizen Airmen

    Air Force Basic Military Training develops enlistees from civilians to professional Airmen.To help young men and women prepare for BMT, the Air Force Reserve offers the Training and Development Flight.“It is an introduction to the military through structured Unit Training Assembly participation,” said Staff Sgt. Glenda Nathaniel, Flight Chief for
  • Enlisted Force Structure Review: Command initiative focused on finding most effective, efficient mix of NCOs

    Officials from across Air Force Reserve Command are working hard on a new effort to make sure the command’s enlisted force structure is designed to meet the needs of AFRC and the Air Force, both now and in the future.In January 2016, now-retired Lt. Gen. James Jackson, AFRC commander at the time, directed a continuous process improvement event to