• Nurse gives breath of life to patients on board Mercy Ships

    Lt. Col. Margaret Schmidt, a flight nurse with the 459th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, uses her military skills, nurse anesthetist expertise, as well as her goodwill, to give children and adults in far away places a chance to breathe, literally. As a nurse anesthetist for 27 years, providing an airway for patients is her mission. Colonel Schmidt
  • Assistants safeguard chaplains, spiritual needs of Airmen

    Talk about dedication. Did you know that in a combat zone, part of a chaplain assistant's job is to provide armed protection for chaplains? That's because chaplains are considered non-combatants, so they are unarmed in combat. "The chaplain assistant acts as the eyes and ears for a chaplain," said Staff Sgt. Allen Haas, a 442nd Fighter Wing
  • Air Force Reserve chaplain takes ministry to people

    Chaplain (Capt.) James Buckman is not a typical wing chaplain. For one thing, he looks like he would be just as comfortable serving in combat as he would be serving communion. That's because the burly built, broad-shouldered and athletic-looking reservist spent five of his 10 enlisted Army years as a Special Forces Morse code operator. "My job was
  • Mako makeover: Maintainers put showroom finish on F-16s

    For people old enough to remember Earl Scheib's promise to repaint any car for $39.95, it seemed like a small price to restore one's "wheels." Although aircraft are not immune from periodic sprucing up, the work required to get a 93rd Fighter Squadron "Mako" F-16 back in showroom condition is a far cry from Scheib's approach. For starters, aircraft
  • Guard, Reserve team up to make child "Pilot for a Day"

    When Michael Ogunjimi was in third grade, he won a regional essay contest with a submission titled "I Love Life and I Want to Live." Two years later, the 10-year-old Washington, D.C., honor roll student continues to fight every day to make good on his essay's assertion. Michael is both a Truesdell Elementary School student and a patient at the
  • "Chutes & Cargo" - Golden anniversary of Reserve rodeo

    "Chutes and Cargo" is not a new board game but it does aptly describe what the Air Force Reserve and its predecessor, Continental Air Command, regularly practiced 50 years ago. What better way to maintain and sharpen the parachute airlift drop skills of ConAC's World War II and Korean War veterans than to throw down the gauntlet in a commandwide
  • McGuire reservists bridge gaps, build homes

    It's just after 7:30 a.m. in the town of Gallup, N. M. Already one can hear the banging of hammers, buzzing of tablesaws and clicking of nail guns. Inside a warehouse set aside historic Route 66 stands two nearly constructed homes and the frame of a third quickly nearing completion. Scurrying around the construction site with purpose and sense of
  • Scouts put hands together to show military appreciation

    The handprint of a young boy is not very big. However, when it is placed together with the prints of 83 other boys who want to honor those fighting for their freedom, it becomes larger than life. Members of South Carolina's midlands Cub Scout dens got together during their week-long summer camp to create an American flag made solely from handprints
  • Reservist embodies Air Force Core Values

    Chaplain's assistant Tech. Sgt. Tonya Peterson has a strong desire to serve people in her unit, the tenants of the apartment complex she manages and the residents of Lithonia, Ga., where this past January she was elected to an at large seat on the city council. Her public work is quite an accomplishment for someone who readily admits "she had no
  • KC-135 Stratotanker turns 50, continues going

    Turning 50 isn't something everyone wants to celebrate. But, when it comes to the KC-135 Stratotanker, it's appropriate to remember the aerial achievements and sustained worthiness of the aircraft in its support of national defense. That's why Tinker AFB, Okla., home of the KC-135 depot, will put on special 50th anniversary celebrations Sept. 8-9.