Tag: ReserveResilient
  • Be proud of your heritage

    As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, let’s commemorate the contributions that unify our legacy to our great country’s rich history and our beloved Air Force’s mission success. Hispanic culture champions diversity and inclusion, as we are a multi-ethnic and multi-racial group. We have become stronger and more resilient as we faced adversity, and we will evoke all the hard work and sacrifice our ancestors overcame to give their children a better future.
  • Your piece of the puzzle matters

    Through my work I’ve had the chance to see that what every single one of you do matters and that without your puzzle piece, the mission could not be accomplished. I hope you can see it too. And whether you serve because it gives you a sense of purpose, or because it gives you opportunities you couldn’t get anywhere else, or because of the financial, medical or educational benefits – remember that reason, especially when the struggle gets real.