• Jimmy Stewart: True American Patriot

    Jimmy Stewart once said, “What’s wrong with wanting to fight for your country? Why are people reluctant to use the word patriotism?”
  • Foundation of Freedom

    A few weeks ago while visiting one of our recruiting offices, I had the honor of enlisting a young woman while her proud parents looked on. She raised her right hand and swore an oath. She swore an oath to support and defend freedom. She swore and oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That oath is steeped in the heritage and somber in its true meaning. Its serious business.
  • Using car seats is not a parenting 'style'

    During the past five years, I’ve made several bloody trips to the emergency room. As the mom of three young kids, blood and tears just seem to come with the territory. My oldest is only five-years-old and has already gotten staples, stiches, and glue adhesives to close wounds on his head. I’m definitely not a, “helicopter mom.” However, when it
  • Upon the shoulders of giants

    Within the last year, the Air Force Reserve has lost two airpower leaders who were instrumental in the development and continuance of the Reserve as it grew in mission significance in the 1970s and ’80s.Maj. Gen. Homer I. “Pete” Lewis was the first dual-hatted chief of Air Force Reserve and commander, Headquarters Air Force Reserve, serving from
  • Good night, mom

    At the time, I did not realize how important it was to have a support system. I also didn’t understand the concept that family didn’t have to be related and could be anyone who cared enough to make sure you were OK.
  • My ride through Hurricane Hermine

    I never knew that you could smell a thunderstorm — they almost smell like hot asphalt or a spark made from flint and steel.   I inhaled deeply trying to memorize that smell at 5,000 feet above the surface of the ocean in a WC-130J Super Hercules in the middle of Hurricane Hermine. It was my first flight with the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather
  • Political season do's and don't's for Reservists

    With the presidential election upon us, everyone is encouraged to vote – including those in the military. “The Department of Defense has a longstanding policy of encouraging DoD personnel to carry out the obligations of citizenship,” according to DoD officials. However, civil servants and military members are held to a high standard and can’t
  • Leading fearlessly and openly

    Col. Scott L. McLaughlin, 446th Airlift Wing Commander, writes about how much the military has changed regarding diversity and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) inclusion among our armed forces.
  • Embracing diversity by leading from the front

    Often times when we hear terms like diversity and inclusion, we think of them more as buzz words or a way to hold someone accountable for not doing the right thing.But what does diversity actually mean to us in the Air Force?  To me, it’s simple, place the right people in the right positions to execute our mission!I recently had the opportunity to
  • Vietnam veterans honored decades after sacrifice

    The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Ceremony that took place in a hangar at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas April 22 helped me understand the impact of that war on service members and their families.