• Custer's lessons in bold leadership

    "Airmen have much to learn about bold leadership from George Armstrong Custer," said no one ever.George Armstrong Custer?  Seriously?  The man who led the Army's 7th Cavalry Regiment into one of the most embarrassing defeats in U.S. history?It is true that Custer is best known for his last and

  • Who goes to War?

    In April, I deployed to central Kabul, Afghanistan. The conditions at International Security Assistance Force headquarters varied between friendly and toxic.  Two 107 millimeter rockets exploded near us in our first few hours on the ground.  Many of us got sick because of bad bottled water - the

  • Freefalling to overcome fear

    Iused to let the fear of jumping out of an airplane control me. But this year, Ifaced and conquered that fear.Throughout my career, I've been in thebackground, facilitating familiarization flights in numerous airframes includingT-38s, F-16s, F-15s and even KC-135 refueling flights. I've done the

  • Finding, keeping focus on the motivation to quit smoking

    "I can smell it, and it makes me nauseous," he said. "I can't kiss you or even be around you. This has to stop."That was the exact moment I knew it was time to get serious about quitting smoking. When my husband and I were in the dating stages of our relationship, I was trying, unsuccessfully, to

  • Random acts of kindness know no season

    The Holidays are over, that glorious time of celebration, family and the season of giving.There is no other time of year that brings us the simple joy of giving, reaching out to loved ones, friends, and even to strangers. Who among us can resist the call of the bell ringer, standing in the cold

  • 22nd AF commander thanks members, wishes all safe holiday season

    As we look forward to this holiday season and the New Year, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to each of you, your families and employers for the sacrifices you make for our country each and every day.The holidays provide an opportunity to reflect on the daily blessings we take for

  • 'Tis the season to drink responsibly

    It's that time of year when holiday parties and late night celebrations begin to fill our calendars and we look forward to spending time with family and friends to celebrate our own special reasons for the season.Every Christmas Eve, I celebrate my life and I give thanks for being able to share the

  • Commander sends holiday season greetings to Citizen Airmen

    As we wrap up this year and get ready for 2015, I want to thank you for your incredible courage and commitment. You and your fellow Citizen Airmen have shown unfailing dedication to your families, communities and the mission this year.  Your service during these challenging times is both humbling

  • How did we lose this young Airman?

    She was an Airman Leadership School distinguished graduate, earned staff sergeant her first time testing, received all 5s on her enlisted performance reports and took part in two deployments. Clearly she was a high-performing Airman.But, in her words, the Air Force had made it clear it didn't want

  • A debt of gratitude for our veterans past and present

    Veteran's Day is set aside to remind us to think about the sacrifices and service of our veterans.  From the Revolutionary War to the current conflicts, men and women from all walks of life have shared the common bond of their oath to defend this nation...no matter the danger or the enemy.  And for