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RPP application process open through Dec. 9

  • Published
  • Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs

Active duty Air Force officers and enlisted Airmen who are interested in becoming rated officers can apply for the Spring 2024 Air Force Rated Preparatory Program now through Dec. 9.

The Rated Preparatory Program provides qualified Airmen an opportunity to gain and strengthen basic aviation skills in advance of testing for application to an Undergraduate Flying Training board.

“Qualified RPP Airmen have an opportunity to receive hands-on aircraft and simulator training while working with certified pilots from Civil Air Patrol,” said Kassandra Hall, Rated Diversity Improvement program analyst. “Since its inception, over 132 students have been selected for a rated career field through the UFT board, with an increase in scores by an average of 40%, improving the chances of selection for Air Force flying training programs.

Up to 60 candidates for the program will receive ground instruction, about 7.5 hours of flight time, and about 2.5 hours of time in Federal Aviation Administration-certified flight simulators. The program is designed for minimal interference in duties with the allowance of self-paced ground school and a one-week, hands-on flying class to introduce participants to aviation fundamentals.

Executed by CAP and Air Education and Training Command officials, RPP is not a commissioning program, nor does it guarantee participants will be selected for a particular rated Air Force specialty code.

U.S. Air Force rated career fields consist of pilots, combat systems officers, air battle managers and remotely piloted aircraft pilots.

Airmen who meet the requirements below are encouraged to apply.

Applying for RPP

Applicants Must:

Be of high moral character.

Obtain group commander (or first O-6 in supervisory chain) approval and endorsement.

Score at least minimum passing for the physical fitness test.

Have a Pilot Candidate Selection Method score prior to submitting the application (must take the Air Force Officer Qualification Test and Test of Basic Aviation Skills).

Applicants with five or fewer hours of flying time are preferred. Those with more than five hours will be considered on a space available basis.

Begin the process to obtain the appropriate Air Force flight physical commensurate with the rated interest. For example, Initial Flying Class 1 (IFC1) for pilots.

Meet Undergraduate Flying Training board requirements after completing RPP (IAW AFMAN 36-2100).

Enlisted requirements:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree by the program start date no exceptions.
  • Individuals are responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements for application to an Air Force Officer commissioning source. (AFMAN 36-2032, Military Recruiting and Accessions, AFMAN36-2100, Military Utilization and Classification, AFMAN 36-2664, Personnel Assessment Program, and AFRS SOPG).
  • Upon RPP graduation, apply to a commissioning source at the next opportunity.

Application Process:

  • Applications should be submitted via MyVector to include:
  • Completing all sections and answering all questions.
  • Submitting the official Pilot Candidate Selection Method score print-out.
  • Submitting college transcripts with conferred dates (unofficial is acceptable but must have conferred dates) only if the most current Single Unit Retrieval Format does not capture the degree.

Selection Process:

AETC’s RDI team will conduct the RPP selection process.

The RPP selection process will consider the following criteria:

  • Job performance as an Airman (last three performance evaluations through MyVector).
  • Demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Exemplification of Air Force core values.
  • Desire/motivation to serve in a rated career field.
  • Academic records.

Airmen interested in applying to the program can find additional information via the call for nominations on MyFSS here (CAC required).

For any questions, e-mail with “Attn: Rated Prep Program” as the subject line.