• Guard, Reserve integrate seamlessly into Nellis organization

    Organizations at the Air Warfare Center here are taking the concept, “One Team, One Fight,” literally and are combining active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command personnel in all mission areas. “This is a smarter, better way of doing business, because we’re able to capitalize on the unique experience levels and stability that
  • Center “supports” one-stop service around the world

    The Air Reserve Personnel Center here is more than 7,000 miles from Baghdad but for an individual mobilization augmentee serving in Iraq, the center’s personnel services are only seconds away. Earlier this year ARPC officials released the Virtual Personnel Center for the Guard and Reserve, a Web-based personnel service portal for Air Force
  • Dobbins serves as transportation hub for evacuees

    Hurricane Katrina evacuees started arriving here by military airlift in the afternoon Sept. 1. By the morning of Sept. 5, a total of 1,205 had touched down at the Marietta base and were transported to area shelters or hospitals. In all, 17 planes – C-17s, C-141s and even some Delta commercial airliners – made the trip from New Orleans to Dobbins
  • Airmen saving lives in New Orleans, Mississippi

    Air Force bases nationwide are deploying hundreds of Airmen to Louisiana and Mississippi to save lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Search and rescue missions are under way around the clock to evacuate hurricane victims stranded along the Gulf Coast. Two 50th Airlift Squadron C-130 Hercules from Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., and
  • A city underwater gets help from above

    With their homes and city underwater, many citizens of New Orleans have been looking to the skies for help from helicopter rescue crews of the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and active duty. Hoisted aloft from rooftops and carried aboard from broken bridge spans and other locations isolated by flooding waters, more than 2,000 people have
  • Pararescuemen hoist survivors to safety

    Though it is a city without electricity, rescue crews see plenty of lights as they fly over New Orleans each night searching for survivors in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Sporadic fires burn wildly, but through their night-vision devices, combat search and rescue crews from the Air Force Reserve focus their attention on the flickering
  • C-130s to spray for insects in states affected by hurricane

    Two C-130H aircraft and 50 Air Force reservists from the 910th Airlift Wing left Youngstown Air Reserve Station Sept. 8 to fly aerial spray missions in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. They will operate out of Duke Field, Fla., because it is near areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Also, the base is able to handle the aircraft and support the
  • War veterans volunteer to care for hurricane victims

    Within 48 hours of Hurricane Katrina slamming the Gulf Coast Aug. 29, Capt. Frances Robertson was ready to go save lives. At 6 a.m. she reported for duty, realized the gravity of the situation, and promptly called her mother and asked her to watch her kids, warning her it might be several days before she came home. During the next two days, Captain
  • Command people step forward to help hurricane victims

    From coast to coast, people assigned to and associated with Air Force Reserve Command are stepping forward to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Pararescue people, aeromedical caregivers, airlift crews, aerial porters and reservists from dozens of other specialties have logged hundreds of missions, shuttled thousands of passengers and patients, and