• March family readiness program to receive DOD award

    In the past when reservists deployed, they received information and training on how to prepare for their new location, but their families often had to fend for themselves until they returned.That changed with the creation and development of family readiness programs. Family readiness people answer questions and provide information about military
  • New Year, new missions for Air Force Reserve

    In the New Year, Citizen Airmen will see some new missions headed their way as they continue their efforts to fight and support the Global War on Terrorism. Responding to the active-duty Air Force’s needs, reservists will take part in Future Total Force initiatives which will test new organizational constructs to integrate air reserve component
  • Reservists shine at Aero India

    Pacific Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Naval aircraft and people were well received at the 2005 Aero India International Air Show at nearby Yelahanka Air Station here.Gleaming under sunny Indian sky and surrounded by Indian air force and other international aircraft, C-130 Hercules, Navy P-3C Orions, KC-135 Stratotankers and F-15 Eagles and their
  • Air Force Reserve unit tests C-130J in Southwest Asia

    Faster, farther, higher, safer. Aircrews and maintainers from the 815th Airlift Squadron here are changing attitudes and proving the effectiveness of their bird – the Hercules airframe known as the C-130J.As the first unit to take delivery of the J-model in 1999, the 815th Airlift Squadron’s Flying Jennies of Air Force Reserve Command’s 403rd Wing
  • Reserve C-130J takes part in Indian air show

    A C-130J Hercules and crew of reservists from here will participate in a hi-tech military air show in Bangalore, India, Feb. 9-13. Various models of U.S. military aircraft scheduled for static displays include the P-3C Orion, the KC-135 Stratotanker, the F15-E Strike Eagle and the C-130J Hercules, according to a Feb. 2 U.S. embassy statement.About
  • Scholarships available for Children of Reservists

    There’s still time to submit an application to the Scholarships for Military Children program. The deadline for the $1,500 scholarships is Feb. 16 and all applications must be delivered to the commissary by the close of business that day. At least one scholarship will be awarded at every commissary location with qualified applicants. The
  • Air Force reservists reducing hurricane-born insects

    Hurricane Katrina did more than claim lives and destroy property. The deadliest storm in U.S. history flooded acres of land with standing water, prime breeding ground for mosquitoes and filth flies. To counter a mass increase in mosquitoes in the Gulf Coast region, Air Force reservists sprayed more than a million acres of New Orleans between Sept.
  • C-141 approaches historical conclusion as last flight nears

    Since its first flight Dec. 17, 1963, the C-141 Starlifter has had a prestigious history. The last chapter of that history begins in October when the Air Force’s last C-141 unit, the 445th Airlift Wing, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, starts replacing its Starlifters with C-5 Galaxy planes. Over the years, C-141s have carried cargo, passengers and
  • Wright-Patt reservists evacuate patients from Rita’s path

    A C-141 aircraft from the 445th Airlift Wing here airlifted 59 patients to safety from Beaumont, Texas, Sept. 23 before Hurricane Rita slammed the Gulf Coast. The crew and plane returned to Wright-Patt late that night. “We were the last plane, period, out of Beaumont,” said Lt. Col. Steve Bastian, one of the three pilots from the wing’s 356th
  • Air Force reservists fly last C-141 mission to combat zone

    C-141 Starlifter aircraft began shuttling sick and wounded from combat zones more than 40 years. That ends Sept. 30 when the plane’s last war-time mission returns from Iraq. An aircrew from Air Force Reserve Command’s 445th Airlift Wing left here Sept. 25 to take cargo to Europe and bring military patients out of the Middle East. The flight will be