Tag: USAF Reserve
  • Command leaders look to enhance communication with an on-the-go force

    Air Force Reserve Command leaders are looking to utilize mobile technology to enhance communications with Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families.
  • USAF Reserve advisers to USSF & USSPACECOM leaders visit 310th Space Wing

    Top Air Force Reserve advisors to the U.S. Space Force and U.S. Space Command visited the 310th Space Wing during its Unit Training Assembly and shared information regarding the Space Force and what it means for the wing.
  • Reserve Citizen Airman, wife decorate White House

    When Amber saw an opportunity to volunteer to decorate the White House come across her Facebook feed, she thought of her husband, Matt, who joined the Air Force Reserve in 2008, and how meaningful the experience would be for both of them. Plus, Christmas is her favorite holiday and she loves to decorate.
  • Father’s influence creates legacy of pilots

    Having a fighter pilot inspire you to join the Air Force is fairly common, but having that inspiration living in the same house adds a different outlook.
  • 2nd AF leaders immersed in AF Reserve wing

    Standing in front of a two-star general and explaining what your unit does and why could make anyone’s stomach twist. But members of the 403rd Wing not only did it without breaking a sweat, they did it with energy and passion.
  • Green Dot sparks culture change

    Sexual assault strips away a person’s humanity. It violates their most essential and basic human right – the right to control their own body, to feel safe in their own skin. And far too often the victim blames themselves for something that shouldn’t ever be considered their fault by anyone. Ever. By anyone. Green Dot is a national program adopted by the Air Force, which not only aims to shift that perception, but to give people real tools they can use when they find themselves in a bystander situation.
  • Airmen help one another after Louisiana flooding

    “The water started seeping in through the walls. We woke up our son, put on his little boots, and put him up on the table.” Callie Lips, children’s book illustrator, her husband Tech. Sgt. Ricky Lips, 403rd Maintenance Squadron, and their two-year-old son were one of the 403rd Wing families affected by the flash floods that swept through Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Aug. 12. Tech. Sgt. Lips said that all the roads were closed, so they sheltered across the street with their friends who have a generator. When the power eventually came back on, they went home and went to sleep. They said something woke them up around 5 a.m. and they saw that the water outside was starting to rise, but they let their son sleep until it started seeping in through the walls.