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  • 20 years later: A chief remembers 9/11

    Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001 at 8:46 a.m. eastern daylight time?The ability to recall where you were and what you were doing on specific dates as history unfolded is something nearly everyone can relate to. Etched into one’s mind are dates such as the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion Jan. 28, 1986; President George H.W. Bush announcing the
  • Dover, Ramstein set standard for AMOW C-5 maintenance training

    More than 30 U.S. Air Force Reserve aircraft maintainers assigned to the 512th Airlift Wing along with a 436th Airlift Wing C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft and crew traveled to Ramstein AB Nov. 23, 2018, to assist the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing with vital hands-on, airframe-specific training.
  • Maintainers' ingenuity saves Air Force money, time

    The “knuckle busters” in the 439th Maintenance Squadron found they needed an elevator support bracket as soon as possible for the C-5 aircraft 69-0020, the oldest C-5A in the Air Force fleet that’s still flying. To make it mission capable, they made the large bracket from an even larger block of aluminum, saving the Air Force time and tens of thousands of dollars.