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Continuing Resolution will not slow the Air Force Reserve

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. John Healy
  • Air Force Reserve Command

Reserve Citizen Airmen,

The end of FY22 is approaching fast and though we are facing another Continuing Resolution (CR) for at least the first part of FY23, this does NOT mean we will be hitting the brakes on execution.  CRs are designed to ensure the DoD can function at a level as close to full capacity as possible, and we intend to do just that.  My desire is to ensure all Airmen continue to operate as planned and under normalized conditions even while we experience the fiscal uncertainty of a CR.  While we anticipate late approval, I have instructed our Headquarters, Numbered Air Forces and Wing leadership to continue normal operations in accordance with the priorities and objectives outlined in TASKORD 2022-01.  As Citizen Airmen, you will have the ability to continue your participation without interruption as we continue to achieve the readiness mandated by the American People. Your leaders are obligated to equip you and enable you to complete your mission.