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Enlisted force development must remain a priority

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Ericka Kelly, AFRC command chief master sergeant
Every Citizen Airman is a vital asset to Air Force Reserve Command and enlisted force development is critical to cultivating leaders to succeed in strategic planning and executing mission operations.

The primary goal of enlisted force development is to strengthen and develop well-rounded Reserve Citizen Airmen who can excel at any leadership level. There are multiple components of enlisted force development to include Professional Military Education, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education, the Reserve Enlisted Development Plan, the Enlisted Development Education Board and the Key Personnel List.

Airmen who have the internal desire to lead their peers should consider the R-EDP as a roadmap that can outline their career path and provide them an opportunity to receive direct comprehensive feedback from elite senior enlisted leaders throughout the Air Force Reserve. Enlisted Airmen from the rank of technical sergeant to chief master sergeant are highly encouraged to submit their R-EDP annually. This development tool personally guides each Airman on the proper steps to take and assists with advancement to the next level allowing them to compete for key leadership positions.

The EDEB is a secondary option for Airmen to submit an application for Senior Non-commissioned Officer Academy-equivalent PME through our sister services, to include the Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps.

Additionally, Airmen can apply to attend NATO, joint, internal and other leadership courses based upon member rank stateside or abroad in Germany. Once the member submits his or her R-EDP and EDEB he or she will personally be vectored by a development team. This team ensures each package is properly screened resulting in the selection of a qualified top-tier candidate.

Members may be eligible for selection to the KPL pending the results from the screening process of their packages. Indicators of the vector include, but are not limited to, enlisted performance reports, decorations, the member’s duty history and PME/SEJPME.

The functional KPL is based upon a member’s Air Force Specialty Code and is vectored every two years to include grades E-6 and E-7. The command KPL is mandatory for E-8 and E-9 and occurs on an annual basis.

Enlisted force development is paramount to the growth of our enlisted force. As leaders, we must develop a commitment to our Reserve Citizen Airmen and ensure we continue to excel in mission readiness, maximizing talent management and enhancing our members’ leadership skill sets. For more information, contact your local leadership or go to myPers and click on the force development tab.