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Share Your Adventure: help the Reserve team grow through testimony

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Chance Babin
  • Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service

Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service is going all in with a new peer referral campaign called Share Your Adventure.

This program is the lead source generator for AFRC RS with one of four people referred by current Reservists joining the Air Force Reserve and is replacing the command’s Get1Now campaign.

As manning levels continue to increase for AFRC and other branches of service and the nation’s economy continues to be strong, Share Your Adventure is a vital program to help recruiters gather quality leads and assure AFRC has the manning it needs to excel in its mission to fly, fight and win.

“Share Your Adventure gives Reservists the opportunity to share their story and Air Force Reserve experiences with family, friends and coworkers,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Johnson, chief total force and strategic marketing. “People are compelled by individual testimonies. When they hear a peer sharing amazing stories and benefits about the Air Force Reserve, they can imagine themselves having those same opportunities. Share Your Adventure allows Reservists to help friends, family and coworkers achieve success.”

The peer referral program process starts with an actively participating Reservist or Reserve civilian employee sharing his or her experiences with a friend, family member or coworker. If the person is interested, the Reservist then inputs the referral’s information into the Share Your Adventure program via website or mobile phone app. Reservists can create an account at any time on the website or app.

“The referral will be contacted by a qualification center E-advisor who will then go over the qualifications and prequalify the referral,” Johnson said. “If qualified, the E-advisor will give the referral the contact information for a recruiter who covers his or her zone. Referrals will also be given the option to be transferred to the recruiter at that time.”

Once the referral meets with the recruiter and is qualified, the Reservist who submitted the lead is sent a message that the lead is qualified and the Reservist is prompted to pick an award from the awards section.

“The thought process behind the name change from Get1Now to Share Your Adventure is that Get1Now sounded like we wanted Reservists to go out and find people,” Johnson said. “What we really want is for Reservists to share their stories, become that testimony and assist others who can benefit from the opportunities the Air Force Reserve has to offer.”

One advantage of using the Share Your Adventure app is that Reservists don’t need to have recruiter contact information on hand.

“This app gives them a tool to use when someone they share their experience with wants to go further with the process and talk to a recruiter,” Johnson said. “Reservists now have a way at all times to get a referral started with their Air Force Reserve experience.”

Share Your Adventure will have a new look and awards.

“We have added wireless ear buds, a virtual reality headset for smart phones, a smoothie blender, a tool kit, an Echo Dot and a personal safe,” he said. “We will have marketing specialists visiting units during unit training assembly weekends to engage with Reservists on the program as well as to encourage them to download the app and register.”

Johnson encouraged Reservists who submit a qualifying lead to claim their Share Your Adventure prize, saying that only about 33 percent of Reservists who have submitted a qualifying lead this year have selected an award.

“I believe most people refer individuals to the Air Force Reserve because they truly believe the Air Force Reserve is an awesome opportunity and they want to help share this experience with others,” he said.

Actively participating Reservists or Air Force Reserve civilian employees are eligible to take part in Share Your Adventure. AFRC Recruiting Service employees and their family members are not eligible.

If you currently have the Get1Now app on your phone it will still work with the relaunch.

For information on how to sign up for Share Your Adventure, go to the website and click on “register your account here.” You can also download the app from the Apple Store, or Google Play Store, by searching for “Share Your Adventure Peer Referral Program” and register there.