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Travis AFB Chief Recognition Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Daniel Peterson

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – The 349th Air Mobility Wing and 60th Air Mobility Wing, along with the 621st Contingency Response Wing and the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command, celebrated the 2024 Chief Recognition Ceremony at Travis Air Force Base, California on March 2.

There were 12 promotees in attendance to celebrate this milestone in their respective military careers.

Historically, these noncommissioned officers represent the top one percent of the enlisted force that will reach the U.S. Air Force’s top NCO rank.  

The guest speaker for the event was retired Chief Master Sergeant Larry Williams, whose distinguished career spanned over 30 years of service. Williams had once been the Air Mobility Command headquarters command chief located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. 

“We all know that rank has its privileges, but I can tell you the only privilege that comes with this increase in rank is the privilege to lead and serve our Airmen,” said Williams as he addressed the audience. “Remember, stay true to yourself, don’t change, and never stop learning."

"Understand what role you play and how you can be the most beneficial to the team,” Williams added. “Always hold our standards high, and fiercely guard your character.” 

The Travis AFB Reserve wing commander was in attendance to congratulate the promotees who continue to serve the wing and place mission readiness as a top priority when the Nation calls. 

 “We are here to celebrate your accomplishments because it is no small feat,” said Col. Patrick L. Brady-Lee, 349 AMW commander, during his congratulatory speech. “You deserve every single applause here tonight because you are about to embark upon a journey to serve Airmen and commanders of the United States Air Force, and we need you and we will depend on you.” 
Congratulations to the four chief master sergeants from the 349th AMW.

749th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
Chief Master Sgt. Louann Cornel 
349th Force Support Squadron 
Chief Master Sgt. Heather Craig 
349th Aerospace Medicine Squadron 
Chief Master Sgt. Mae Estoy 
349th Medical Squadron 
Chief Master Sgt. Gale Mears-Paulson 

Congratulations to the six chief master sergeants from the 60th AMW.
60th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. James Blackstock
660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Joshua Chambliss
60th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Christina Kelly
60th Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Tabitha Mojica
60th Surgical Operations Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Andrea Monahan
60th Aerial Port Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Justin Weger

Congratulations to the two chief master sergeants from the 621st CRW and USMEPCOM.

321st Air Mobility Operations Squadron
Chief Master Sgt. Casey Houlihan
Sacramento Military Entrance Processing Command
Chief Master Sgt. Edward Malone