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908th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Welcomes New Commander

  • Published
  • By Bradley J. Clark
  • 908th Airlift Wing

The deputy commander of the 908th Maintenance Group, Lt. Col. Clifford B. Harris, bestowed command of the 908th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron to Maj. William T. Staub during an Assumption of Command ceremony Sunday, July 9, 2023, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Staub is a legacy Aircraft Maintenance Officer, with nearly 20 years of AMXS experience stateside and abroad.

Harris spoke first, explaining how Staub’s qualities and make him the right person to lead the 908 AMXS.

“When I first met Tyler, it didn’t take long to realize that he was a man of principal rooted in integrity always wanting to do what is right even if it is not popular or at times the hard path to victory,” recalled Harris. “These qualities are not something you can pick-up from reading ‘start with why’ or ‘Good to Great.’ These leadership qualities are built with time and in his DNA.”

Then Harris highlighted Staub’s Character and experience.

“His character was further tested early in his Air Force career when he was the maintenance squadron flight commander at Ramstein [air base] and then deployed to Incirlik [air base] to bed down and stand-up U.S. and Coalition aircraft,” explained Harris. “I am super excited to have Major Staub in the AMXS seat and on behalf of Lt. Col. Martin and myself we look forward to his authentic leadership and steadfast principals that he brings as we continue to build our organization around the MH-139 platform.” 

Most recently Staub served as the operations officer for the 908 AMXS since May 2020, overseeing the management of the wing’s nine C-130H2 aircraft.

After assuming command, Staub thanked everyone who helped get him to this point in his life and career including family and friends and then he spoke about the unit’s mission and the current transition from a C-130H unit to MH-139A unit.

“It will be my mission to ensure not only that we are prepared, trained, and equipped to meet our objective, but that each of you are able to fully share in the reality of our new mission set, regardless of your position, rank, or skill,” stated Staub. “Leadership from any position other than from the front is without merit and I will do everything I am capable of to embody that truth. I know this transition will be difficult and will be filled with its own challenges, which will come in a multitude of various forms. However, I am excited to face the challenges which lay before us and to face them alongside each of you. We have been given a large task to achieve, but together we are more than capable of achieving this mission.”

He closed with his feelings of assuming command of the squadron.

“I am honored and humbled to be standing here today as the new commander of the 908th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and I look forward to the endeavors which lay before us,” said Staub. “Thank you all for this amazing opportunity and thank you for your presence here today… Let’s get to work.”

Staub commissioned in the United States Air Force upon his graduation from Troy University, Troy, Alabama in 2013.

He now commands a team of military and civilian members responsible for providing mission-ready aircraft, equipment, and fully trained personnel in all areas of aircraft maintenance for the remission to the MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopter. Their support extends to the legacy C-130’s, the future MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopter schoolhouse, the 908th Operations Group’s 357th Airlift Squadron and 908th Operations Support Squadron.