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Air Force Reserve Command’s 75th Anniversary reading list

  • Published

The Air Force Reserve has played a vital role in defending the United States and its interests for 75 years. From the early days of American aviation to the conflicts of the 21st century, the Air Force Reserve has been a key component of the U.S. military.

The following reading list, comprised of a mix of books, special studies, and articles, covers events from World War I to Operation ALLIES WELCOME.

The First Wings of War: Air Force Reserve in World War I, by Paul H. Larson, focuses on the early years of American aviation. This study covers the exploits of Reserve aviators in World War I.

Gerald T. Cantwell’s Citizen Airmen: A History of the Air Force Reserve, 1946-1994 provides a comprehensive study of the Air Force Reserve from 1946 through the next five decades. Cantwell’s work highlights the evolution of the Air Force Reserve and its contributions to the U.S. military. He also addresses the Air Force Reserve’s participation and contributions to the Vietnam War in his study, The Air Force Reserve in Vietnam.

Turning Point 9.11: Air Force Reserve in the 21st Century, 2001-2011, written by Betty R. Kennedy, focuses on the operational support that the Air Force Reserve provided during Operation NOBLE EAGLE, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Her work showcases the Reserve’s ability to adapt and respond to evolving global threats.

In There from the Beginning: Women in the U.S. Air Force, Marissa N. Kester delves into the contributions women have made throughout the U.S. Air Force’s history. This study highlights the important role women have played in the Air Force Reserve.

‘A C-17 wing perspective: Citizen Airmen support in Operation ALLIES REFUGE’, a chapter in Justyne Strohmeyer’s book Wings over Kabul: Evacuating Afghanistan: A History of the United States Air Force in Operations ALLIES REFUGE and ALLIES WELCOME, highlights the work the men and women of the 911th Airlift Wing accomplished during Operation ALLIES REFUGE. An electronic copy of the book is available upon request.

Bo Joyner’s Citizen Airman Magazine article, Boomer with a Brush, covers the work of Darby Perrin, one of the nation’s top aviation artists and a KC-135 Stratotanker boom operator. This article highlights how Perrin’s Reserve career helps drive his artwork.

From dream to reality: After 55 years, ART program remains stabilizing force looks back on the origins of the Air Reserve Technician program. Gene Van Deventer explains the importance of the program and why it was implemented.

Finally, Painting the Air Force story highlights the artwork of then-Major Warren Neary. Neary’s paintings, featured alongside works with Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, and other great painters, capture several historical Air Force moments for the Air Force Art Program.

The Air Force Reserve’s history is rich with stories of Airmen’s efforts to transform the service into what it is today. These works offer valuable insight into the Reserve’s contributions and role in defending the United States and its interests.