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Deployed sergeant takes STEP to technical sergeant

DENVER -- One of the Air Reserve Personnel Center’s best people received some great news April 24 while deployed to Southwest Asia … “You are out of uniform.”

Those words came from Maj. Gen. Norman Seip, Combined Forces Air Component deputy commander, when he spoke to Staff Sgt. Brett Sansone. At the time, the sergeant was deployed with the CENTAF Forward Personnel Directorate, which is collocated with the Combined Air Operations Center.

Sergeant Sansone, assigned to ARPC’s Reserve Accessions branch here, was indeed out of uniform. General Seip was there to give him the news Lt. Gen. John Bradley, commander of Air Force Reserve Command, had selected him for a Stripes for Exceptional Performer promotion to technical sergeant.

General Bradley had this to say about the STEP recipient: “... thank him for helping us bring so many people into the Air Force Reserve. I admire his willingness to (deploy) three times. He is an exceptional NCO.”

“It’s one of many everyday examples of Air Force leadership and supervision taking care of their people,” said Sergeant Sansone. “What means the most to me is how excited the personnel around me are today. I wish everyone who works so hard each day to get the job done can experience this feeling. I feel like I won the lottery since I know there are so many outstanding staff sergeants out there.”

Sergeant Sansone is due to return to Denver April 30. His ARPC family is anxiously waiting to tack on those news stripes.