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Personnel center stops mailing point credit summary

DENVER -- The Air Reserve Personnel Center here no longer mails Air Force Form 526, Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve Point Credit Summary, to Air Force reservists.

Guard and Reserve members had been receiving the form annually since October 1972. They must now use the virtual Military Personnel Flight to print a copy of their point credit information.

In addition, the Air Force is eliminating the form itself and will no longer place it on microfilm.

As a result, point credit information will reside in data form in the Military Personnel Data System where personnel specialists will obtain it by pulling products from the system. They will use these products to verify reservists’ service.

Reservists should print their summary of points using the vMPF and maintain copies in their personal files in the same manner as leave and earnings statements and other important documents.

This change promotes the use of the vMPF and self-service by reservists. Both actions are transformation goals. Whether at home, at work or while deployed, reservists have the means to access their point credit information.

They may call Headquarters ARPC/DPPK toll free at 1-800-525-0102 for questions and concerns about credit of points.