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ELTP provides civilians opportunity to assist Katrina victims

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force civilian employees who want to assist people who bore the wrath of Hurricane Katrina may do so through the emergency leave transfer program.

ELTP permits U.S. government employees to donate unused annual leave for transfer to fellow employees adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. Leave transfer recipients who need additional time off from work can then do so without having to use their own paid annual or sick leave.

"This is a great opportunity for each of us to help fellow government civilians as they need time to care for a variety of family issues as a result of Hurricane Katrina," said Mr. Greg Den Herder, executive director of the Air Force Personnel Center here.

Emergency leave donors may contribute between 1-104 hours of leave in a leave year, but they cannot contribute leave for transfer to a specific person. Donated annual leave not used by the emergency leave recipients will be restored to emergency leave donors.

Employees may volunteer to become emergency leave donors by submitting an Office of Personnel Management Form 1638 through their civilian personnel flight to the Air Force Personnel Center's civilian field activities office. The form must state the specified number of hours of accrued annual leave to be transferred from their annual leave accounts to the Air Force ELTP.

Interested civilian employees should contact their civilian personnel flights for more information.