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BRAC-affected people will need to move to find jobs

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- While many Air Force reservists and civilians know their jobs will change under Base Realignment and Closure, one of the most difficult things to grasp is how those shifts will happen.

To date, none of the BRAC actions affecting Air Force Reserve Command units will move entire units from one location to another, and no one will automatically get a job at new locations. If affected by BRAC, old jobs will go away, and people will have to compete for new positions wherever available. 

“Keeping our highly-trained, highly-experienced people is vital to our command’s success,” said Steve Mann, director of personnel at Headquarters AFRC at Robins AFB.
To ease the transition, the command is working to ensure gaining units give those moving under BRAC first priority. 

“Our goal is to take care of our people,” said Mr. Mann. 

To do that, the command is providing full-time civilians and reservists new Web-based job placement services. Called clearing houses, these virtual job fairs take into account personal career and location preferences and work to match BRAC-displaced people with new opportunities.
“The clearing houses will allow military personnel flights to work with commanders and individuals to give BRAC-impacted people priority over new hiring or internal placement,” said Mr. Mann. 

According to “A BRAC Guide for Civilian and Military Personnel Issues” – released by the command in January – gaining units will be required to give first priority for placement in vacant positions to displaced people who register in one of the clearing houses.
The technical reason why BRAC-displaced workers must find new jobs at new locations is because of the “transfer of function” rules. None of the command’s BRAC actions qualify as a transfer of function. In cases where a job move is not a transfer of function, employees do not have a right to move with their job to the new unit. While employees may be given a chance to apply, they may have to compete with other candidates for the job. 

Command people displaced by BRAC can learn more about the job-placement clearing houses and other assistance by accessing the guide from a military computer at https://wwwmil.afrc.af.mil/hq/dp/brac. (AFRC News Service)