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Uniform policy changes for air reserve technicians

  • Published
  • By 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Air Force Reserve Command has directed all air reserve technicians will wear military uniforms while on duty in order to facilitate cohesion between the Reserve and active-duty components.

This change affects ARTs represented by the bargaining unit and will take effect April 17.

“The interaction between active duty and Reserve components has been seamless for years,” said Col. Douglas Gullion, 507th Air Refueling Wing commander. “Wear of the military uniform reflects that AFRC is an integral part of the Air Force and a vital part of the Total Force.”

Unlike traditional reservists, ARTs are “dual status” employees who hold full-time Department of Defense civilian positions on the condition they maintain membership in the Air Force Reserve.

According to Air Force policy, the Air Force has required ARTs to wear the military uniform while performing civilian duties in their military technician position since August 2007. However, at Tinker AFB, ARTs represented by the American Federation of Government Employees Council 214 bargaining unit were required to negotiate the implementation of the uniform policy.

Now that negotiations are complete, the Air Force has met its obligation with the national unions.

The Air Force Material Command and AFGE C214 memorandum of agreement states employees are expected to be in uniform while on duty.

The MOA outlines several provisions to include:

- Employees may change into and out of uniforms before or after their shift.

- Wearing the military uniform does not subject ARTs in civilian status to the UCMJ.

- ARTs will continue to be subject to civilian rules and requirements while in civilian status.

- While in civilian status, they will be required to adhere to military uniform standard requirements, grooming standards, customs and courtesies, etc.

- Employees who do not adhere to military standards will be subject to discipline under civil service rules.

- Bargaining unit position ARTs in a civilian status will continue to be represented by the union while in uniform.

For more questions regarding this policy change, contact your supervisor or your union representative, or reference Air Force Instruction 36-703, 36-801 and 36-2903.