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The 2015 Air Force Strategic Master Plan challenges planners and programmers at Air Force and major command headquarters to implement innovative measures to support strategic imperatives of Agility and Inclusiveness across all aspects of the force. The Air Force Reserve – as both a major command and the Title 10 Reserve Component of the Air Force – will be critical to ensuring the Air Force remains agile and able to adapt and respond faster than our potential adversaries.
The Air Force Reserve provides flexibility through our ability to vary reservist participation rates based on demand – we are not a full time force but we can participate full-time when needed, thus providing an affordable hedge again future uncertainty. We enable the Air Force to adapt and respond to rapid change through assured access to a pool of trained and ready forces and contributes to Air Force inclusiveness by maintaining a highly experienced and diverse workforce with strong civil sector connections.
The Air Force Reserve provides forces to virtually all Air Force core missions and functions, trains to the same standard as the active component, maintains combat-ready forces, and supports daily operational commitments on a global scale through support to the following Air Force Core Functions: 
Air Superiority & Global Precision Attack, Rapid Global Mobility, Special Operations, Space Superiority, Nuclear Deterrence Operations, Education & Training, Global Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Agile Combat Support, Personnel Recovery, Cyberspace Superiority, Command and Control, Building Partnerships
(United States Air Force Reserve Component Support Plan (FY18))

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