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Air Force Reserve Command Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Logo


Address the unique stressors of the Reserve Citizen Airmen deployment and reintegration process by being a trusted helping agency and an integral part of the resiliency-readiness network.  Provide continuous, accessible education and resources for families, support systems, and Airmen through innovative events, activities, and outreach services.


Reserve Airmen and their support systems have the readiness and resiliency to power the Air Force while facing the unique challenges of the deployment cycle.


Families and support systems  are equipped mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to empower mission-focused Airmen;  leveraging the military experience and benefits to enhance overall quality of life.

Welcome to the Air Force Reserve Command Yellow Ribbon Program

Helping maintain resiliency during all stages of deployment is paramount to the morale and welfare of our Airmen and families. The Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon Program is a series of events designed to provide members and families with essential resources prior to departure (pre-deployment), a level of stability and support while deployed (during deployment), and successful re-integration techniques after the deployment cycle ends (post deployment).

Tap our resources to learn about all of the benefits available to you, how you can participate, and the invaluable impact Yellow Ribbon in the lives of thousands of fellow reservist and their families. For more information on the Department of  Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration program check out their website.

Do you qualify?

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program established policy for informational events and activities for Reserve Citizen Airmen and their loved ones to simplify access to services supporting their health and well-being through each phase of deployment.

Reserve events are combined pre and post-deployment training weekends. We have up to 17 events annually.

Attendance considerations

  • Reserve Citizen Airmen who have deployed for a total of 90 days or more in a 24-month period, resulting in 50 percent separation from their support system, are eligible to attend

  • Wing Yellow Ribbon representative will invite deployer to a cost-effective event

  • Pre-deployers may attend Yellow Ribbon event up to 120 days prior to departure

  • Post-deployers must be off orders and subsequent leave prior to attending events and be within 365 days of deployment order end date.