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PHAP Regions

 PHAP Regional Areas of Responsibility

There are 3 PHAP Regions, each staffed by a two-person team: a Case Facilitator and an Outreach Specialist. Regional headquarters are at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio (North); Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia (South) and Travis Air Force Base, California (West).

West Region

  • Contact:

    520 Waldron Street,
    Bldg. 228, Room 202
    Travis AFB, CA 94535

    24/7 Message Line

    West Regional Team
    Case Facilitator
    Desk: 707.424.2704
    Outreach Specialist
    Desk: 707.424.8189

North Region

  • Contact:

    5439 McCormick Avenue
    Building 4014, Room 110
    Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433

    24/7 Message Line

    North Regional Team
    Case Facilitator
    Desk: 937.656.1709 
    Outreach Specialist
    Desk: 937.656.2570 

South Region

  • Contact:

    1492 First Street
    Building 922, Room 128
    Dobbins ARB, GA 30069-5009

    24/7 Message Line

    South Regional Team 
    Case Facilitator
    Desk: 678.655.2464
    Outreach Specialist
    Desk: 678.655.4356

24/7 Help

Medical Emergencies
Dial 911
Go to nearest Medical Facility

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1.800.273.TALK (8255)

PHAP Team Member
24-Hour Message Line
1 (866) 417-0707
Regional Case Facilitators

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helping resources

  • Yellow Ribbon

    Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

    Yellow Ribbon is an event-driven program designed to help service members and their families prepare for, see-through and reintegrate after deployments.