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Innovative ideas welcome
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Innovation is an actionable plan, method, or device which is new or novel and results in a validated improvement that is capable of significantly increasing effectiveness or efficiency (EFF2) in AFR operations. 

Innovation Ideas, when implemented and replicated, typically generate significant systemic cost-savings or cost-avoidance.

 Airmen Powered by Innovation (API)  Replicating Proven Innovations (RPI)
 Click the link above to submit if:  Click the link above to submit if any of the following apply:
- Your idea affects cost savings, quality, productivity, cycle time, process improvement,  or morale

- Your idea is evaluation-ready with sufficient detail describing the current method, proposed method, expected benefits, and anticipated cost of implementation to support the idea.  

- This idea has been implemented at some level (i.e. unit, wing, NAF, or Hq).

- This idea is outside the circle of control of the innovator to implement, but the innovation has been vetted by the chain of command.
- Innovation originated from a best practice, process improvement event, conference, research, or special study, lessons learned from exercise or contingency, open forum (e.g. blog, Facebook, etc.).

Innovation Idea Process


Air Force Reserve Innovation Program