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Innovative ideas welcome
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Innovation is an actionable plan, method, or device which is new or novel and results in a validated improvement that is capable of significantly increasing effectiveness or efficiency (EFF2) in AFR operations. 

Innovation Ideas, when implemented and replicated, typically generate significant systemic cost-savings or cost-avoidance.

 Airmen Powered by Innovation (API)  Replicating Proven Innovations (RPI)
 Click the link above to submit if:  Click the link above to submit if any of the following apply:
- Your idea affects cost savings, quality, productivity, cycle time, process improvement,  or morale

- Your idea is evaluation-ready with sufficient detail describing the current method, proposed method, expected benefits, and anticipated cost of implementation to support the idea.  

- This idea has been implemented at some level (i.e. unit, wing, NAF, or Hq).

- This idea is outside the circle of control of the innovator to implement, but the innovation has been vetted by the chain of command.
- Innovation originated from a best practice, process improvement event, conference, research, or special study, lessons learned from exercise or contingency, open forum (e.g. blog, Facebook, etc.).

Innovation Idea Process


Air Force Reserve Innovation Program

Air Force Reserve mision is to provide combat ready forces to fly, fight and win