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Questions and Answers

Q1: Why was this campaign launched?
A1: The intent of the campaign is to highlight the heritage of innovation in the Air Force Reserve Command and to inspire innovation in all Airmen.  Our Airmen encounter challenges every day and are able to call upon their vast experience and expertise to overcome obstacles.  The campaign encourages Airmen to submit ideas for consideration and replication. 

Q2: What is the difference between API and Replicating Proven Innovations?
A2:  Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) is for new and novel ideas that, if implemented and replicated, would affect cost-savings, quality, productivity, process improvement and morale.  
Replicating Proven Innovations (RPI) provides a deliberate process to replicate proven, vetted solutions that are already being addressed or have been implemented at a local level.  

Q3: Who can participate?
A3: API: Any Airman (active, reserve, civilians and contractors.) 
RPI: Any Airmen assigned to an Air Force Reserve unit. 

Q4: Where do Airmen submit innovation ideas?
A4: Airmen should select the “Submit Idea” button on the splash page and choose the appropriate path.  
API: Clicking on API will direct you to the API website (https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/site/API).  
RPI: Clicking on RPI will direct you to contact your Process Manager/CCO to assist you with submitting your Innovation Idea.

Q5: What happens after an idea is submitted?
A5:  API: Ideas submitted to API will undergo an initial review by the API Cell at AFPC and be assigned to a HAF director or MAJCOM commander with the authority to approve the idea and direct implementation.  
RPI: Ideas submitted to RPI will undergo an initial review by the servicing Process Manager/CCO. Ideas may be elevated by the Wing Commander to the NAF or HQ/AFRC for presentation at the Command’s Lessons Learned and Innovation Board.  

Q6: What constitutes a good idea?
A6:  Any idea that inspires increasing productivity, decreasing cost and eliminating waste to Provide Combat Ready Forces. Airmen are encouraged to submit ideas that are valuable, practical, usable, clearly articulated and ready to be evaluated with no additional work necessary.  

Q7:  What supporting documentation would give an idea the best chance for replication?
A7:  Provide evaluation-ready ideas with sufficient detail describing the current and proposed method, expected benefits, and anticipated cost of implementation.  If the innovation idea has already been implemented, work with your unit’s Financial Manager to analyze the cost, cost-savings, and cost avoidance.

Q8: Are awards available for Airmen whose ideas are approved and implemented?
A8: API: provides monetary and non-monetary awards for approved ideas that delivered confirmed results in effectiveness and/or efficiency when implemented.
RPI: Commanders may recognize via notable achievement awards, unit quarterly awards, MAJCOM-level and/or Air Force-level Awards.