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The IMA Strategic Review Team was formed in March of 2021 to comprehensively study the Individual Mobilization Augmentee program. The team proposed structure concepts that would provide the proper level of support, systems, and improved processes to enable an IMA’s service, while eliminating or reducing obstacles that make it difficult for the active component to fully utilize the critical skills held by this workforce. They also provide recommendations to ensure the globally integrated IMA force aligns with the National Defense Strategy, Department of the Air Force and Air Force Reserve strategic priorities.

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The review is broken into three key phases.

Phase I - SENSE

This first step involved compiling a history of the IMA program as well as researching and assessing the guidance, readiness, and systems that directly relate to IMAs. Concurrently, HAF/REXS did a detailed study of the current state of the IMA program. This phase culminated in July 2021 with two reports that provided a total of 34 recommendations to Air Force Reserve Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee. As an output of the Phase I report, General Scobee approved a transition into Phase II.

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The HAF/REXS IMA Program Review Outbrief slides and the Phase I General Officer-led Report can be requested using the contact form below.


The second phase of the review focused on three new lines of effort: scope, structure, and resourcing. The team proposed structure concepts that provide the proper support, systems, and processes supporting an IMA’s service while eliminating or reducing obstacles that make it difficult for the active component to fully utilize the critical skills held by this niche workforce. On Nov 8, 2021, the Phase II team presented General Scobee with four recommendations. He modified two of the recommendations and approved the remaining recommendations, to include a transition to Phase III. His decisions were codified in a Record of Decision, signed on Jan 18, 2022. The recommendations presented are as follows:

1. Transition to Phase III (Approved)
2. Conduct a formal strategic assessment of the IMA Program (Approved)
3. Prototype the proposed structure (Modification: Begin prototyping the Bullpen structure and work with staff to bring finite detail to the proposal to eliminate shared ADCON)
4. Officially stand up the IMA Program Management Office (Modification: Work with staff to bring finite detail to the management and oversight of the IMA program)

The complete Record of Decision can be requested using the contact form below. 

Phase III – ACT

A kick-off meeting to begin Phase III was held Dec 15, 2021, followed by an in-person offsite Feb 16 and 17, 2022, in Alexandria, Va. These events brought together IMA Strategic Review Team members as well as stakeholders from HQ RIO, Air Force Reserve Command and Headquarters Air Force Reserve Personnel. As a result of the off-site, work now begins for newly formed Integrated Product Teams which will focus on further development of the structures and processes needed to fully realize the four recommendations proposed in Phase II.


Major Gen. Banavige recently wrote a commentary for Citizen Airman magazine about the work of the IMA Strategic Review and how its work is tied to the CSAF action orders.  Read that commentary HERE

As more news is released from the team, it will be updated to this page, so check back!

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Page last updated 14 December 2022. 


Air Force Reserve Leadership for Individual Reservists (IRs)

Learn more about the key roles that are instrumental in the IMA community and how to connect HERE.


For those with CAC access, documents related to the work of the IMA Strategic Review team can be requested using this contact form. Enter your name and email (personal or .mil), and you will receive an automated reply with the links to a CAC-enabled site which houses the documents. The email addresses are not collected and you will not otherwise be contacted.