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Mission: AFRC’s history program provides the Air Force Reserve world-class historical support.

Vision: AFRC historians maintain institutional memory, adroitly leverage heritage assets, and shape historically-minded culture for AFRC.

Intent: AFRC historians will support the Chief of the Air Force Reserve, AFRC leaders at all echelons, and Reserve Airmen with historical services to contextualize analysis that enhances readiness, decision making, strategic communications, and synchronization.

Our value to the force derives from our Service and Learning. We are a Service organization that is responsible for helping others, be they leaders, colleagues, teammates, Airmen, or the interested public. We are a Learning organization that draws on the past to inform the present, that learns itself through trial and error, that thinks and teaches others to think historically. Our value proposition is that we draw on the past, preserve the present, and shape the future in ways that enhance the ability to make more informed decisions.