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Combat Art Articles

A Shared Foundation: Celebrating 75 Years of Air & Space Power

  • Published

Shared Foundation Painting

lithograph      In the press

Artist: Lt. Col. Warren Neary
Medium: 38"x96" oil on linen
Date: 2023

The artwork highlights a shared and storied legacy of the United States Air Force and Space Force with a separate, yet connected, present leading to the future. The artist primarily focused on Airmen and Guardians and their commitment, perseverance, and contributions through time. The painting depicts a rich timeline running from the earliest airpower innovators in the Army Air Corps through courageous Airmen and Guardians in times of adversity past and present. The artwork highlights the robust diversity of weapons systems operated by these figures such as some of the most iconic air and space vehicles linked in the public imagination to our nation’s fighting forces. These air and space power pioneers, and the systems they operated, evoke the Department of the Air Force’s culture of innovation and problem solving. Their stories continue to inspire Airmen, Guardians, and the public of today, and will do the same for generations to come. The overarching design embedded in the work includes the delta and infinity symbols. The delta carries deep meaning for both the Air Force and Space Force, as it relates to air and space weapon systems and signifies upward trajectory in rapid advancement. The infinity symbol exemplifies the ongoing and ever-present requirements for adaptation. Through continuous improvement, innovation, and vigilance the Air Force and the Space Force will maintain the proud tradition of service and sacrifice on behalf of our nation.