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Religious Affairs Airman

Dear Prospective Reserve Religious Affairs Airman,

Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a part of a very rewarding career field. The Religious Affairs Airman career field builds a culture of spiritual care and facilitates the free exercise of religion for Air Force members, their families and other authorized personnel.

As the enlisted component of our Religious Support Teams (RST), Religious Affairs Airmen are uniquely trained in crisis intervention to include intervention counseling in moments of crisis, response to crisis and suicide prevention/intervention. In addition, Religious Affairs Airmen are actively engaged and intentionally integrated into unit engagement plans to include unit meetings, commander calls, training with the unit and other unit activities. They are also trained in religious support to hospitals and mortuaries.

Religious Affairs Airmen meet the diverse needs of military communities by managing, religious programs, administrative, financial, and facility support. They recruit, train, and organize volunteers for specific religious ministries. Religious Affairs Airmen conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit, pride and honorable distinction to the United States Air Force and its Chaplain Corps. If the above sounds good for you, and you are willing to be a part of our RST family and have a current 5-skill level and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) scores 35 (A) 44 (G), please click on the link below to start the application process.

CA application





Contact information: 
AFRC, Religious Affairs Airman Functional Manager
Office of the Command Chaplain
Comm: 478-327-1475 Comm
Fax: 478-327-0475 DSN: 497-1475 DSN
Fax: 497-0475
Email: afrc.hcc@us.af.mil