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IMA Religious Affairs Airman

Chaplain Assistant Specialty BadgeThe Category "B" Program (Cat B) is administered from Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC/HC), 255 Richard Ray Blvd., Robins Air Force Base, Ga., 31098-1635, phone toll-free 1-800-223-1784, ext 71475, or DSN 497-1475.  

The IMA program is designed for those persons who wish to serve their country through a military ministry in a reserve capacity. As an Air Force Reserve IMA Religious Affairs Airman you will work in an active duty Air Force installation chapel program supporting a pluralistic worship environment while still doing civilian ministry.

The primary role of Religious Affairs Airmen is to provide support for ministry. This is done not only through administrative means, but also as the "eyes and ears" of chaplains on deployments, visitations, and a wide variety of other exciting opportunities.

Active duty Chaplains and Religious Affairs Airmen deploy all over the world, taking care of our troops and ensuring their first amendment rights to worship. IMA Religious Affairs Airmen are primarily utilized to provide home base sustainment (backfill) for active duty Religious Affairs Airmen who are deployed. You may be aware that chaplains are noncombatants. Religious Affairs Airmen, on the other hand are combatants and must be qualified to carry and use firearms.

Religious Affairs Airmen in this program are known as Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) and serve at an active duty base in the United States or overseas. As an IMA your commitment is 12 Inactive Duty Training (IDT) days per year and one Annual Tour (AT) of 12 days, which can be split into two sections. IMA Religious Affairs Airmen are assigned to the RIO, Det 5 (AFRC), Robins AFB, Georgia. These Airmen are attached for training to an active duty chapel on an installation near their home.

There can be no more than a one for one match for each active duty Religious Affairs Airman (i.e., 1 active duty MSgt to 1 Reserve MSgt IMA). Please note however, there will never be enough IMAs to allow for a one for one match.