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AF Reserve Chaplain Program

The U.S. Air Force Reserve Chaplain Program is a cooperative and pluralistic ministry. Chaplains adhere to the requirements of their endorsing religious bodies. The Air Force trains and deploys chaplain readiness teams, consisting of chaplains and enlisted personnel. They provide religious ministries during war, contingencies, national emergencies, and military exercises.


Unit Chaplain-- Chaplains in this program serve at one of 40 units stationed in the United States. Most units are collocated on active Air Force bases; some are on Air Reserve bases; and a few are at local airports. The chaplain team has total responsibility for the chapel ministry in their unit, and train with their unit one weekend a month when the unit performs a Unit Training Assembly (UTA).

IMA Chaplain-- Chaplains in this program are known as Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) and serve at an active duty base in the United States or overseas. 

Chaplain Candidate-- The Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program is an exciting opportunity for seminary and other professional religious school students to evaluate their compatibility and potential for commissioning as an Air Force Chaplain.

Three avenues of ministry

Air Force Reserve chaplainThe Air Force Reserve Chaplain Corps has three avenues of ministry. The Category A program where you serve with a local reserve unit and train one weekend a month; Category B where you serve 12 days annual tour and 12 Inactive Duty Trainings in an active duty chapel on an active duty base; and the Chaplain Candidate Program for seminary students.

Religious Affairs Airmen

As the enlisted component of our Religious Support Teams (RST), Religious Affairs Airmen are uniquely trained in crisis intervention to include intervention counseling in moments of crisis, response to crisis and suicide prevention/ intervention. In addition, Religious Affairs Airmen are actively engaged and intentionally integrated into unit engagement plans to include unit meetings, commander calls, training with the unit and other unit activities. They are also trained in religious support to hospitals and mortuaries.

Unit Religious Affairs Airman-- In this program, Religious Affairs Airmen serve at a unit in the United States. Most units are collocated on active Air Force bases; some are on Air Reserve bases; and a few are at local airports. The Religious Support Team (RST) has total responsibility for the chapel ministry in its unit, and train with its unit one weekend a month.

IMA Religious Affairs Airman-- The IMA program is designed for those persons who wish to serve their country through a military ministry in a reserve capacity. As an Air Force Reserve IMA Religious Affairs Airman you will work in an active duty Air Force installation chapel program supporting a pluralistic worship environment while still doing civilian ministry.

Graphic of Chaplain Mission Glorifying God, Serving Airmen, Pursuing Excellence

AFRC Chaplain staff


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