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While serving as a master sergeant, Stefan Halushka, second from right, attended the International NCO Leadership Development course, which is available through the Enlisted Developmental Education Board. Halushka's participation in Enlisted Force Development programs helped him earn a promotion to senior master sergeant via the Stripes for Exceptional Performers II program.
Master Sgt. Carmeeka Dunn, far right, joins her shipmates for a photo at the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer's Academy at Training Center-Petaluma, Calif. Dunn, a personnel specialist at Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, attended the academy in March 2018 as part of the Enlisted Developmental Education Board.

Force Development

Enlisted Force Development programs are managed by the Force Development Branch, HQ AFRC/A1KO. More information is available at 478-327-0252, DSN 497-0252 and afrc.a1kO@us.af.mil.