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Tour of Duty Certifiers

UTAPS-Web is accessible through AROWS-R secure site or by visiting the Web site direct.
>> Via AROWS-R:    Log directly into AROWS-R or by the Air Force Portal to login, then access UTAPS-Web to complete all required scheduling and tasks. Anyone having issues logging in can use the contact information above for assistance.
>> Via direct:     and log in.


Q-01. Is UTAPSWeb as flexible as the paper 40a's?
     Flexibility has been built into the system, UTAPSweb is not changing a process it is implementing a new vehicle to report IDT participation for pay and/or points utilizing automation

Q-02. Why do we have to change the pay process?
      The unit program has been using UTAPSweb for several years, bringing the IMAs into the automated program is another step towards reducing data entry to a single point of entry.

Q-03. Do all Individual Reservists (Individual Mobilization Augmentees and Participating Individual Ready Reservist) have to use UTAPSWeb?
     Yes, the use of UTAPSweb to schedule, record and process IDT participation for pay/points is mandatory for any IDT performed on or after 1 July 2010.

Q-04. Is Travel Reimbursement automatically triggered if I use UTAPSWeb? Is lodging reimbursement automatically triggered if I use UTAPSWeb?
     No, members will still need to request a DD 1610 in AROWS-R for reimbursement of the IDT outside normal commute allowance and print the 40A from UTAPSweb and attach to their voucher submission. The process for reimbursement for lodging expenses incurred during IDT is not changing and members again will have to print the 40A and attach to the SF 1164 that is submitted to IMA travel.

Q-05. What if I accidentally perform AD (Active Duty) and IDT on the same day.... How will UTAPS notify me or my supervisor of the error?
     There will be no notification from UTAPSweb, the notification will come from the RPO that attempted to process the transaction that rejected. The pay system will only allow one type of duty per day, therefore whichever transaction is processed first will process and the second will reject.

Q-06. Who is going to tell my Active Duty supervisor about UTAPSWeb?
     The information was provided to all RMG Detachment Program Managers and staff as well as the BIMAAs, it is incumbent on them as well as the member to help educate the Active Duty.

Q-07. Who is going to teach my active duty supervisor how to use UTAPSWeb?
     There is a tutorial available with UTAPSweb and is also being made available by other means.

Q-08. What if I don't have a computer?
     UTAPSweb will be accessible through AROWS-R since members currently have to request orders through AROWS-R so however they are accessing AROWS-R they will be able to get to UTAPSweb. In the event a member cannot get to AROWS-R supervisors do have the capability of building schedules and signing the member in

Q-17. What if my Active duty Supervisor refuses to use UTAPSWeb, can I still get paid?
Q-18. How do I correct/submit prior FY & R/R year IDTs?
Q-09. What if the server is down? Or my supervisor's server is down? How can my supervisor and I prove I worked so I can get paid in a timely way? Will we be able to go in later and backdate the paperwork?
     Yes, in the event that the schedule or certification cannot be done before hand or at the time the duty is performed the system will allow retroactive adjustments within the current fiscal year. Any prior fiscal year adjustments will have to be coordinated with HQ AFRC/FMFS.

Q-10. What if I'm telecommuting? How do my supervisor and I record my time so I can get paid?
     If the member has been approved for telecommute work and the schedule is produced for telecommute then once the member signs in and requests the supervisor certify their duty the system will send the supervisor an email informing them they have work in UTAPSweb.

Q-11. Who should I go to for help if my supervisor and I can't get UTAPSWeb to work?
     The first stop is the AFRC/FM helpdesk. They can be reached at or call 1-877-294-5822 or 478-327-0166/DSN 497-0166. Email is the preferred method of communication.

Q-12. Is my supervisor the only person who can certify my work in UTAPSWeb? What if my supervisor is on leave/TDY/deployed?
     A member has the ability to add individuals to the list of available supervisors and tour of duty certifiers. At the time the member signs in they can select who they want to certify their duty and it does not have to be the same person each time or the person who approved the schedule.

Q-13. How can I track the status of my submission in UTAPSWeb? If I submit something, but don't get paid for it, what should I do?
     The calendar dates are color coded to indicate what status they are currently in, i.e. requested, approved, etc. and the member can see their calendar anytime. The first thing to do is ensure the requested duty was approved and that you signed in and the duty was certified.

Q-14. As a supervisor, how many e-mails will I get after the member creates a points schedule, builds points, coverts them to cumulative time and then I approve them? Isn't that a lot of e-mails for one person?
     An email will be generated to the selected supervisor/tour of duty certifier anytime there is a schedule change or duty performed, the number of emails will be dependent on the number of changes requested.

Q-19. What happens if I or my supervisor doesn't complete all items (like forwarding to Pay) before the FY closes out (specifically for Sept IDTs)? I perform IDTs at the very end of the FY.
Q-20. I do shift work on IDTs and perform 3 IDTs over 2 calendar days? How do I schedule those if UTAPs automatically schedules 2 IDTs per day?
Q-21. How long does it take(a week? a month?) before the points I submit in UTAPS are applied to my personnel record and I can view them in vmpf? Is there a periodic feed?
Q-22. Will there be a UTAPS-WEB helpdesk available 24/7 to answer IR and supervisor questions?

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